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Top 5 reasons you should study in Canada in 2022

Top 5 reasons you should study in Canada in 2022

Did you know that 169,000 international students received Canadian study permits in 2021 alone? Canada is one of the top destinations for students wanting to study abroad, and it’s no secret why. Finding the right study destination is a big decision and not always easy to make. To help make your choice that much easier, here are […] … learn more→

Looking to study abroad? Consider Canada! Here's why

Looking to study abroad? Consider Canada! Here’s why

What first comes to your mind when you hear Canada? Is it the personalities like Jim Carrey, Justin Bieber or perhaps Ryan Reynolds? Maybe it is the maple syrup that everyone loves. Or maybe you think about the top-notch education they offer from some of the leading universities in the world?  Indeed, Canada is one […] … learn more→

Best of 2012: Banned Books Awareness: “Yertle the Turtle”

For the third time in recent weeks the Banned Books Awareness series once again focuses on some rather disturbing trends from Canada. Incidents of censorship by the border patrol, negative reactions to fiction based on historical documents, and now it seems Dr. Seuss has been branded too political for the classroom. Yertle the Turtle (1958) […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “The Book of Negroes”

This is a republish of this article Lawrence Hill wrote one of the bestselling and most-popular Canadian novels of all time; but what does he do for an encore? Hill, who will be in Edmonton this coming Tuesday (4/17/12) to deliver the University of Alberta’s annual Henry Kreisel lecture, knows how to follow up a […] … learn more→

Reconciling cultural diversity and public law

I have arrived in Ottawa, Canada, as a visiting professor hosted by the Audio Visual Lab for the Study of Culture and Society, and only a few hours ago delivered my first public seminar about the transnational practices of migrants in multicultural societies. I was interviewed by local radios on the broader topic of migrant […] … learn more→