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5 ways to educate Higher Education students on cancer

Chances are that by now, almost everyone over the age of five has some sort of idea of what cancer is and how it affects people. However, just because people have a general idea doesn’t mean they always have the facts. In higher education institutions today, many innovations in technology are allowing information to spread […] … learn more→

Does a \’cancer cure\’ diet really exist?

A published review of 13 ‘anti cancer’ diets has arrived at the unsurprising conclusion that there is a lack of solid evidence to support a benefit for any of them, and a real risk of harm from malnutrition from several of them. When a person is told they have cancer, a common reaction can be […] … learn more→

Patterns of chromosome abnormality: The key to cancer?

A healthy genome is characterized by 23 pairs of chromosomes, and even a small change in this structure — such as an extra copy of a single chromosome — can lead to severe physical impairment. So it\’s no surprise that when it comes to cancer, chromosomal structure is frequently a contributing factor, says Prof. Ron […] … learn more→

Mining the language of science

Ask any biomedical scientist whether they manage to keep on top of reading all of the publications in their field, let alone an adjacent field, and few will say yes. New publications are appearing at a double-exponential rate, as measured by MEDLINE – the US National Library of Medicine’s biomedical bibliographic database – which now […] … learn more→

English diet could save 4,000 Scottish, Welsh and Irish lives

Around 4,000 deaths could be prevented every year if the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish adopted the average diet eaten in England, Oxford University researchers have calculated. The chief factor that is driving the ‘mortality gap’ between the home nations is fruit and vegetables, the researchers say. Consumption of fruit and vegetables in Scotland is […] … learn more→

Natural garden pest control

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pesticides have been linked to cancer, nerve damage, birth defects and other medical problems. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to control or eliminate common garden pests such as aphids, white flies and spider mites without resorting to dangerous pesticides. Three of the best methods of natural pest control […] … learn more→