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Capitalism isn’t broken – but it does need a rewrite

Capitalism isn’t broken – but it does need a rewrite

In the 1990s, economists indulged heady hopes that globalisation would raise all boats via unfettered free market activity. Now, but a generation later, many are having second thoughts. That’s because global free markets, while indeed maximising GDP for all concerned, have also ushered in staggering rates of inequality together with a looming threat of irreversible […] … learn more→

Higher Education: Capitalism at its most despicable

Rating capitalist despicability is a daunting task with Big Pharma and High Finance in the running, but Higher Ed’s betrayal of a century-old trust with young Americans vaults it toward the top of the list.Since 1862 public colleges had been expected to serve primarily as a means for the American people to achieve an inexpensive […] … learn more→

Forget Kyoto – climate bonds will drive the green revolution

If no-one argues against the proposition that it was capitalism that created the global warming problem, then no one can argue that it must therefore be capitalism that will solve the problem. But how can capitalism solve the problem of global warming? The answer: by financing the transition to a clean energy economy. This is […] … learn more→

Marxism versus the mainstream: rethinking the economic crisis

The current economic crisis has renewed interest in alternative economic ideas. Most conspicuously, Keynesianism has returned from the margins. Unfortunately, particularly in Europe, policymakers quickly abandoned deficit spending programs for austerity and the economic orthodoxy rejected in the Great Depression. Marxism has also enjoyed a modest revival. It remains a more profoundly unacceptable discourse. Amongst […] … learn more→