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SAT and UNC: The difference between real and fraud, part 1

Last May, the SAT exams in South Korea were cancelled. Yes, for the whole country, cancelled. Why? Because of allegations of cheating. So, 1600 Korean students are denied the chance to take the test because, possibly a few dozen, maybe even hundreds, might be cheating. This is a sad thing because these students take their […] … learn more→

Higher education promotes cheating

Continuing with a book by an Australian academic, I see more reinforcement of what I’ve testified to in this blog. What I’ve read leads to another conjecture on my part. See, there’s obviously something really wrong in the world right now. America, as “world leader,” obviously has to be part of that wrong. Fraud, lies, […] … learn more→

Why did Sunrise Semester fail?

Last time around I reminded the gentle reader of a problem with the online craze in education, beyond the simple fact that most of it is, obviously, fraudulent. Sunrise Semester, college courses via tv programming, had everything online coursework does, but wasn’t anywhere near as successful. What does the internet have to offer that Sunrise […] … learn more→

Air Force nuke officers caught up in big cheating scandal

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, at the military cheating scandals, where 34 officers got together and exchanged answers on their monthly proficiency exams (Air Force) and where instructors where exchanging answers so they could be instructors (Navy). This is pretty scary stuff, as these guys are in control of nuclear weapons and reactors—you kinda want […] … learn more→

Cheating lessons

In the fall of 1994, a group of researchers in the United States and Japan, led by the psychologist George M. Diekhoff, conducted a survey of cheating behaviors among students in introductory psychology courses at Midwestern State University, in Texas. A year later, they conducted the same survey in related courses at three Japanese universities. […] … learn more→

Best of 2012: A positive solution for plagiarism

We know that students plagiarize. We suppose that plagiarism, as well as academic dishonesty in general, has increased over the past few years, decades, or century—depending on which academic ax we choose to grind. The caveats are familiar: Perhaps cheating just is easier than it used to be (most honors students who are caught plagiarizing […] … learn more→