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Second annual Prestige 100®: China IQ index ranks the digital footprint of 100 prestige brands in China

Audi took the top rank in the second-annual Prestige 100®: China IQ, which measures the digital footprint of 100 prestige brands in China, the world’s fastest-growing luxury market. The study was developed by NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway and a team of experts from L2, a think tank for digital innovation, and Doug Guthrie, dean […] … learn more→

Teaching English in a foreign country – Life after College

This article is the first in a series of posts about Life After College options, continued from Can\’t Find A Job? 6 Alternatives For Life and Work After College. Getting a job teaching English in a foreign country is not exactly a walk in the park, but through the use of the internet and the ever-growing […] … learn more→

The Shrinking Dragon? The impact of demographic changes on higher education policies in China

Among emerging economies, China is the one with the biggest population and the most perlexing demographic landscape. Fewer babies are born than in India and China seems to be the first of the BRIC countries which will reach the tipping point of demographic maturity. But what does that mean for non-Chinese and Chinese universities? China […] … learn more→