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Chocolate: what\’s not to love about it?

As we are about to head into the annual chocolate gorging season, a timely post on all things chocolate. Chocolate is a food that brings immense pleasure and enjoyment to people and can be a part of any person’s regular diet. It\’s sweet, it\’s tasty, we desire it and crave it. And in case you […] … learn more→

Bitter-sweet Easter: how our demand is melting sustainable cocoa farming

Chocolate – from the humble confectionery bar to single-origin gourmet dark chocolate – is enjoyed by most Australians as a readily available treat. However, chocolate manufacturers are worried that cocoa production may not be able to meet the rapidly increasing demand for chocolate in the developing economies of China, India and Brazil. A major international […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Halloween ABC”

It’s that time of year when our imaginations turn to images of ghosts and goblins, and our mouths water at thoughts of candy apples and chocolate. Regardless of the many religious and cultural references that influenced the modern Halloween tradition, it’s a beloved and fun-filled holiday for adults and children alike. Yet the subject is […] … learn more→