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Is coffee good for studying?

Is coffee good for studying?

Getting a good higher education and finding success in one’s career is every young adult’s dream. However, to achieve the goal one has to study hard and prepare in advanced for any upcoming exams and other academic commitments. Yet sometimes, students don’t feel like studying or are too sleepy to focus on the subject at […] … learn more→

Stress causes clogs in coffee and coal

It\’s easy to get in a jam. But it\’s much harder to explain exactly how or when it started. Scientists still aren\’t sure what causes clogs in flowing macroscopic particles, like corn, coffee beans and coal chunks. But new experiments by Duke physicist Robert Behringer and his colleagues suggest that when particles undergo a force […] … learn more→

Coffee and climate: What’s brewing with climate change?

Climate change is threatening coffee crops in virtually every major coffee producing region of the world. Higher temperatures, long droughts punctuated by intense rainfall, more resilient pests and plant diseases—all of which are associated with climate change—have reduced coffee supplies dramatically in recent years. Dramatic declines Because coffee varieties have adapted to specific climate zones, […] … learn more→