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Why we can’t overlook textbook piracy

Why we can’t overlook textbook piracy

It’s exam season, a time when textbook publishers’ revenues should be booming, but that’s not quite the reality. About a quarter of students admit that they regularly pirate academic content, and on average academic publishers lose more than 28 per cent of their potential revenue to textbook piracy. The industry has already begun to feel […] … learn more→

Shouldn’t there be a time limit on Mickey’s copyright?

Shouldn’t there be a time limit on Mickey’s copyright?

In 1998, the U.S. Congress passed the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 (CTEA). CTEA expanded on the Copyright Act of 1976 by retroactively extending all existing copyrights by 20 years. So instead of the steady entry into the public domain of works whose copyrights had expired, CTEA mandated that no additional copyrighted works would […] … learn more→

The humbug of copyright

The humbug of copyright

A couple of days ago, I discovered that ¿Cuánto te Asusta el Caos?: Política, Religión y Filosofía en la obra de Philip K. Dick is available in a new digital edition with a new cover. I’m happy to see it (though no one told me about it), and hope there will also be a new […] … learn more→

A letter to parents about copyright

Dear Parents of Your Freshman Son or Daughter: Technology, the marketplace and social norms often get ahead of the law, especially in times of rapid change. Internet copyright infringement is a good example. Written in 1976, the current copyright law, which makes anyone who copies and distributes content to which they neither own nor have […] … learn more→

International Intellectual Property Enforcement – III

[Part III of the Text for Remarks made at the Piracy and Counterfeiting in a Digital Environment: U.S. and Italian Experiences, U.S. Consulate General Florence, Italy, September 27-28.] Last week a colleague at Cornell asked me to give a talk to his class on intellectual property. I found myself explaining the historical dynamics behind the […] … learn more→

International intellectual property enforcement

At the end of September I attended and spoke at a conference at the United States Consulate General in Florence, Italy on \”Piracy and Counterfeiting in a Digital Environment: U.S. and Italian Experience.\” I recognize fully how fortunate I am to attend these events and am deeply grateful to Cornell University, which supports these efforts […] … learn more→

So what’s wrong with watching the Olympic Games over the internet?

Reports of people the world over watching coverage of the Olympics via BBC’s online streaming portal abound. The reasons for this behaviour vary in the detail, but the common feature is: local coverage of the Olympics stinks. In the United States, NBC’s decision to delay coverage has resulted in significant backlash and ridicule. The hashtag […] … learn more→

Should Google be doing more to combat online piracy?

Creators of online content should feel free to share material online without fear of non-attribution or piracy, or having their copyright or trademarks misused. Plainly, the current system of enforcement – whether it be self-regulation by a search engine or internet service provider (ISP) through to law enforcement – is not working. In 2011, a […] … learn more→