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Childless women at greater risk of poor health

Childless women may experience poorer health and wellbeing than the general Australian female population, according to the results of a Deakin University study. Deakin health researchers examined the physical and mental health and wellbeing of 50 childless women during the latter part of their reproductive years and considered their health and wellbeing in comparison to […] … learn more→

Diet key to preventing adolescent mental health problems

Deakin University health researchers have found that poor diet may be a risk factor for mental health problems during adolescence. In a study of 3000 Australian adolescents, published in the journal PLoS One, the Deakin researchers revealed that diet quality predicted mental health in adolescents over time, suggesting that it might be possible to use […] … learn more→

Mother’s milk best for growing babies; and that includes baby pigeons

Deakin University scientists have revealed some of the secrets behind the pigeon’s rare ability to produce ‘milk’ to feed its young. Deakin PhD student Meagan Gillespie and research fellow Dr Tamsyn Crowley, along with colleagues from the University’s Institute for Technology Research and Innovation and CSIRO Livestock Industries, have studied the genes behind pigeon ‘milk’ […] … learn more→

Science can reduce animal cruelty and violence towards others

When Deakin University PhD candidate Carolina Castano returned to Australia from Colombia, she came with a ‘gift’ of knowledge gained from working with disadvantaged children from a school in a suburb in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, where violence and animal cruelty is common. In Ms. Castano’s luggage were lessons and pedagogical principles developed and […] … learn more→

Scientists and surfers unite over boardshort technology

Deakin University and Quiksilver have entered into a research and development partnership that will push the boundaries of textiles and sportswear innovation. The five-year, $350,000 partnership will see Deakin materials scientists working with Quiksilver designers to create the next generation of action sportswear. Both Deakin and Quiksilver have international reputations for textiles research and sportswear […] … learn more→

Parental status can impact obesity in children, Deakin University study finds

Girls in single-parent families are at higher risk of being overweight or obese than those in dual-parent households, Deakin University health researchers have found. The researchers examined data of 8717 children aged between four and nine years-old from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children and revealed higher rates of overweight and obesity in girls from […] … learn more→