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How to help children understand and accept death

How to help children understand and accept death

If death is inseparable from our humanity, from our birth, it is an abstract concept, difficult to understand for children, and which they can only gradually grasp. To understand death is to understand its relationship to life. Sometimes questions about this arise by observing the world around us. For example, seeing tadpoles in a pond, a child will ask […] … learn more→

New study links air pollution and early death in the U.K.

In a study appearing this month in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, MIT researchers report that emissions from cars, trucks, planes and powerplants cause 13,000 premature deaths in the United Kingdom each year. The researchers analyzed data from 2005, the most recent year for which information is available. They found that among the various […] … learn more→

Excess fat may be \”Protective\” in seniors over 85

Obesity is considered the leading preventable cause of death worldwide — until you reach old age, that is. Though obesity increases the risk of an early death, shaving an average of six to seven years off a person\’s lifespan, Tel Aviv University researchers have found that this trend may reverse itself after the age of […] … learn more→