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A common repayment strategy: Small returns and big consequences

On the floor of the Senate last June, Sen. Lamar Alexander compared student loans to car payments. While financial aid experts argue this comparison is inappropriate, debt counselors have inadvertently promulgated similar misinformation. By adopting debt management advice that applies to private markets and repurposing it for federal student loans without evaluating its usefulness, many borrowers […] … learn more→

What would it take to make College debt-free?

Middle class anxiety about the cost of college has brought higher education financing to the fore of the current presidential election. Promises of debt-free college have become near-mandatory components of the Democratic presidential campaigns, and more recently Republicans have even started to fire back. There is a reason families and candidates are so worried about the cost […] … learn more→

Credit payment patterns

Credit card users are likely to pay less toward their debt if their monthly bills display information about the minimum amount required, according to an international team of researchers including Boston College Carroll School of Management Accenture Professor of Marketing Kay Lemon and Assistant Professor Linda Salisbury. For many debt-laden consumers, including the minimum required […] … learn more→