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On screens, helping children become informed consumers

On screens, helping children become informed consumers

The “Facebook files” affair confirms what many researchers have been talking about for a long time: social networks can have deleterious effects on the well-being of young people who use them without moderation. By comparing their life with that, fantasized, of their contacts, some would be drawn into the spiral of eating disorders, depression and even suicidal impulses. […] … learn more→

The slow demise of another much ballyhooed digital education venture

Amplify, a much-heralded push by News Corporation into digital education, led by Joel Klein, a former New York City schools chancellor, is nearing an inglorious end. News Corporation, controlled by Rupert Murdoch, said on Wednesday that it would take a $371 million write-down on the education division and would move to wind down the production […] … learn more→

Size isn\’t everything

My reading material to and from London recently for the annual open-source programming event known as Mozfest, or the Mozilla Festival, included two glossy magazines focusing on the future of education: the November 19 cover story in Forbes and the entire November issue of Wired UK, an offshoot of the American magazine. Education is rarely […] … learn more→

Digital dawn: open online learning is just beginning

Universities are traditionally seen as exclusive institutions for the few, not the many. But that is changing as a new wave of online courses throws open the doors of academia to all. Led by world renowned American institutions like MIT and Harvard, this push to democratise learning is being taken up in Australia too. A […] … learn more→