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The critical look of the digital humanities

The critical look of the digital humanities

From time to time the Universia portal shows how the careers of the future are completely crossed by digital technology: data analyst, cybersecurity specialists, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence… they are part of a neutral tone list and infographic, although crossed by The concept of technoscience. Science and research at the service of technology and the future as much […] … learn more→

How the Humanities compute in the classroom

Iman Salehian talks like a techie. Ask about her studies at the University of California at Los Angeles, and she mentions many tools that make the web tick: metadata schemas and content-management systems, CSS coding and GIS mapping. Her major? English. Ms. Salehian is at the vanguard of a different kind of humanities education. If […] … learn more→

Stop calling It \’Digital Humanities\’

A persistent criticism of the digital-humanities movement is that it is elitist and exclusive because it requires the resources of a major university (faculty, infrastructure, money), and is thus more suited to campuses with a research focus. Academics and administrators at small liberal-arts colleges may read about DH and, however exciting it sounds, decide that […] … learn more→

\’No DH, No Interview\’

I tweeted that proposition, \”No DH, no interview,\” during the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, at the University of Victoria, in June, and I was surprised by the response, which I\’ll get to shortly. It was my second visit to the summer institute; the last time was in 2008, when I described it as \”Summer Camp […] … learn more→