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A doctorate at a distance – take one

A doctorate at a distance – take one

I did my PhD by distance education. This wasn’t terribly common at the time I did it – but it wasn’t all that unusual in universities that specialised in catering for remote, working or part-time students. However, the doctorate at a distance is relatively common now.  As more and more people enrol in doctoral degrees, more also want to […] … learn more→

i-HE: Back to the future

Technology can be a tricky thing to handle. You might know how to make iPads, but that does not necessarily mean that you know how to use them. Universities are another case: they are the primary source of technological innovation but less good at making the leap to apply it to what they do best […] … learn more→

Learning from a distance

The Department of Education’s recently released report on the condition of higher education in America revealed some interesting trends in education. They have even included a special section on the importance of distance learning, drawing data from the most recent years available, 2007-8. With new developments in technology making distance learning possible and feasible for […] … learn more→