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A diversity of viewpoints is at the heart of learning

I must confess that I’m coming late to the microaggression debate. It was only after a colleague recently asked if I had heard about the dustup in the University of California system last winter when President Janet Napolitano requested that deans and department chairs attend seminars about what faculty and students should not be saying […] … learn more→

The decline of the conservative mind

These are dark days for conservatives: 7 years of President Obama, gay marriage spreading across the land, health insurance coverage growing every day, and a collection of mediocre Republican candidates that make the words “President Clinton” seem like the future rather than the past. It’s enough to make a conservative blurt out “Jiggery-pokery” and bemoan […] … learn more→

How branding 101 can make leaders more mindful of diversity

A few years ago, I overheard two of my MBA students talking after class about their “personal brands.” At the time, I was amused. But then I kept hearing more about this notion of “my brand.” I noticed it was the subject of articles in Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Suddenly, I saw book upon […] … learn more→

Increasing College diversity

In most four-year college strategic plans, there is a good-faith statement calling for increasing diversity as an institutional goal. There are good – even noble – reasons for doing so. The principal one is that American colleges and universities must look more like the rest of America if they are to remain relevant in the […] … learn more→

Interactive eLearning programme designed to promote equality in the University sector launched

A new interactive Equality and Diversity eLearning programme (LEAD) will allow staff in the university sector to consider their role in building an inclusive environment. The LEAD programme was launched by Minister Fergus O’Dowd (Wednesday March 21) at a joint Irish Universities Association (IUA) Equality Network and Equality Authority event supported by the Workplace Diversity […] … learn more→

“Disabled architects – Unlocking the potential for practice”

The architecture profession urgently needs to make significant changes to increase the diversity and equality of the profession and to enable equal opportunities for disabled people in the profession. This is the conclusion of a three year study at UWE Bristol entitled, \’Supporting diversity in the architectural profession; developing a climate of success for disabled […] … learn more→