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Forests not keeping pace with Climate Change

More than half of eastern U.S. tree species examined in a massive new Duke University-led study aren\’t adapting to climate change as quickly or consistently as predicted. \”Many models have suggested that trees will migrate rapidly to higher latitudes and elevations in response to warming temperatures, but evidence for a consistent, climate-driven northward migration is […] … learn more→

\’Cute\’ chimps in ads may harm species survival

Television ads featuring cute chimpanzees wearing human clothes are likely to distort the public\’s perception of the endangered animals and hinder conservation efforts, according to a team of primatologists and a marketing professor at Duke University. The researchers showed 165 study participants three different collections of television ads for products like toothpaste and soft drinks […] … learn more→

Hog waste producing electricity and carbon offsets

A pilot waste-to-energy system constructed by Duke University and Duke Energy this week garnered the endorsement of Google Inc., which invests in high-quality carbon offsets from across the nation to fulfill its own carbon neutrality goals. The system, on a hog finishing facility 25 miles west of Winston-Salem, converts hog waste into electricity and creates […] … learn more→

Mobile App puts sea life at student\’s fingertips

A new mobile app developed at Duke University lets students – or anyone using an iPad tablet device – access a vast virtual library of videos, photos, maps, audio and descriptive text about some of the sea\’s most charismatic creatures. With a touch of the screen, users can watch humpback whales being tagged off the […] … learn more→