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English Lit degree: Shakespeare OUT, Sex and Ethnicity IN

English Lit degree: Shakespeare OUT, Sex and Ethnicity IN

I’ve bemoaned what’s happened to mathematics in higher education quite a few times. “College” mathematics has been defined down, down, down, so that the material that is today taught in the 10th grade is also taught today in college, as College Algebra. The reason for this strange redefinition of terms is because administration has a […] … learn more→

Should Faculty be able to speak English?

By now it is a cliché, the math or science professor whom no one can understand. If one complains one might be accused of being culturally insensitive or racist. Or told to be open-minded and listen more carefully (I suppose the mind and ear are connected). Or worse, and commonly, “Well, we couldn’t find and […] … learn more→

English’s self-inflicted wounds

What happened to English? According to the Modern Language Association, in the late 1960s and early 70s, English accounted for about 7.5 percent of all bachelor’s degrees granted in the United States, but the portion plummeted to around 3.5 percent in the early 80s, climbed a bit to nearly 5 percent in the early 90s, […] … learn more→