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Not a one-way street: Evolution shapes environment

Environmental change is the selective force that preserves adaptive traits in organisms and is a primary driver of evolution. However, it is less well known that evolutionary change in organisms also trigger fundamental changes in the environment. Yale University researchers found a prime example of this evolutionary feedback loop in a few lakes in Connecticut, […] … learn more→

Biodiversity conservation for life

Life on Earth is at risk from an unprecedented rate of environmental change that threatens the natural resources on which humanity depends. Biodiversity – the genes, species and ecosystems that comprise nature – provides food, fuel, medicines and other vital ‘ecosystem services’, along with countless intangible benefits, for society. But biodiversity is in steep decline, […] … learn more→

Powerful mathematical model greatly improves predictions for species facing climate change

UCLA life scientists and colleagues have produced the most comprehensive mathematical model ever devised to track the health of populations exposed to environmental change. The research, federally funded by the National Science Foundation, is published in the journal Science. The team\’s groundbreaking integral projection model, or IPM, unites various sub-disciplines of population biology, including population […] … learn more→