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EPA power plant standards will help clean up and modernize USA electric system

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently a hearing on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard. EPA Assistant Administrator, Gina McCarthy, testified forcefully about the tremendous public health and environmental benefits of this standard, as well as the fact that it is affordable to achieve and will not threaten the reliability of our electric […] … learn more→

Waiting for a strong mercury rule

We’re in a state of heightened expectation. The final Mercury and Air Toxics (MATS) rule, regulating one of the largest sources of toxic pollutants in our country (coal-fired power plants), was supposed to be released on Friday, December 16 to comply with a court-ordered deadline. (A proposed rule was released in March 2011). Advance news […] … learn more→

Making the case for the value of environmental rules

In recent months, some in Congress have been waging a whole-scale war against the Environmental Protection Agency. By now it has reached comical dimensions, with three separate bills aimed at preventing a so-called EPA “dust rule” that has never even existed. The spectacle would indeed be funny, if it wasn’t deadly serious. Republicans in Congress […] … learn more→