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The ethics of MOOCs

Like any cross between former entrepreneur, teacher of ethics and innovation, and higher ed scholar, I have been following the MOOC movement closely. It is, of course, a movement, with its own brand of evangelism and technological and demographic shock and awe. But it is also an idea whose time may have come, not so […] … learn more→

Why the Great Cheat

The news that 125 Harvard students were under investigation for cheating on an exam came just days after we were informed that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency was stripping Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles. In both of these cases, we have alleged wrongdoing by those at the top of their fields, and there […] … learn more→

Oh, the morality: why ethics matters in economics

“Morally bankrupt” is how a recently departing Goldman Sachs executive described the culture of the investment bank. As noted in Business Day, this view “is common among the bank’s critics, many of whom see the firm as a symbol of Wall street’s excesses and a culture of greed which has wreaked havoc on US business […] … learn more→