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Natural levels of nitrogen in tropical forests may increase vulnerability to pollution

Waterways in remote, pristine tropical forests located in the Caribbean and Central America contain levels of nitrogen comparable to amounts found in streams and rivers flowing through polluted forests in the United States and Europe. This discovery by a Princeton University-led research team raises questions about how tropical forests might respond if they were to […] … learn more→

Euroscepticism at home ties Cameron’s hands in Europe

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to veto the new European Union agreement for greater financial stability in the Eurozone reminds us that despite the talk of greater European integration, the nation state is still very much alive and well. Odd one out The agreement, a Franco-German initiative, was meant to create mechanisms for greater […] … learn more→

Is youth violence a legitimate response to the political system?

Many young people in Europe think violent protest can be a legitimate response to the political system they feel no connection to. They believe government pays very little attention to them and have very little trust in political or social institutions. Throughout the coverage of the unrest in England last month, one voice was conspicuously […] … learn more→