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Daily exercise can boost children’s exam grades – new research

Daily exercise can boost children’s exam grades – new research

Most parents are aware that physical activity is good for children – as it can help to improve their sense of self and have a positive impact on their mental health and well-being. But it’s less well known that being fit and active can also help to boost children’s academic performance. Our recent review of primary school children […] … learn more→

Chasing down a better way to run

Harvard Provost Alan Garber loves running — so much so that when he returned to his alma mater last year, he listed among the job’s perks a chance to resume his exercise route along the Charles River. “I love seeing Dunster House as I’m approaching the end of my run,” said Garber, who’ll soon be […] … learn more→

\”Just chill?\” Relaxing can make you fatter

Conventional wisdom says that exercise is a key to weight loss — a no-brainer. But now, Tel Aviv University researchers are revealing that life as a couch potato, stretched out in front of the TV, can actually be \”active inactivity\” — and cause you to pack on the pounds. Such inactivity actually encourages the body […] … learn more→