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Interface could help Facebook members limit security leaks

Interface could help Facebook members limit security leaks

A sign-up interface created by Penn State researchers for Facebook apps could help members prevent personal information — and their friends’ information — from leaking out through third-party games and apps to hackers and identity thieves. When Facebook members sign up for apps developed by third-party companies, they may not know that these apps are […] … learn more→

Growing up the Internet way

American teenagers are spending an ever-increasing amount of time online, much to the chagrin of parents who can\’t seem to tear their children away from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. But despite the dangers that lurk on the web, the time that teens spend on the Internet can actually be beneficial to their healthy development, says […] … learn more→

Facebook has changed – will you still feel the same?

The world is currently embroiled in on- and offline discussions about changes that are affecting the lives of millions. The subject is not climate change, the global financial crisis, political upheaval or the latest natural disaster. It’s the new-look Facebook. The modifications so far have been relatively minor, but even more radical changes have been […] … learn more→