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For-profit Colleges' own inconsistency, not the Federal Government’s, poses their biggest threat

For-profit Colleges’ own inconsistency, not the Federal Government’s, poses their biggest threat

In June, the Trump Administration took the first step in dismantling the Gainful Employment (GE) rule. Finalized by the Obama-era U.S. Department of Education in 2014, the regulation established thresholds for affordable debt relative to the typical amount graduates of career-college programs earn. But before negotiators sit down to rehash how best to define whether […] … learn more→

The truth about for-profit colleges and Trump University

The truth about for-profit colleges and Trump University

Documents released in a federal lawsuit against Trump University have put presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on the defensive. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is now highlighting the fraud that is at the center of the case. In the process, many commentators are identifying the Trump University business model as further indication of the fraudulent […] … learn more→

Another for-profit school in SEC trouble

There’s so much fraud and corruption going on in state and non-profit schools that I usually don’t discuss the immense frauds going on in the for-profit schools. However, for-profits are big enough that it would be a disservice not to at least mention them from time to time: they have so many students that it’s […] … learn more→

The meaning of the failure of the online for-profit Universities

Corinthian Colleges have been forced to close their “doors.” As I reported in this blog several years ago, the Washington Post Corporation, which had derived between 50% and 60% of its annual profits from its ownership share of Kaplan University quietly sold off its stock just ahead of the formal release of the Harkin Report […] … learn more→

Against for-profit education, Part 2

So I started looking at an essay making the case against for-profits, an essay that makes two key errors in its argument: 1 It ignores the corrupting effect of the student loan scheme, even as it repeatedly points out that for-profit education WORKED before the student loan scheme buried schools in money, whether these schools […] … learn more→

Against for profit…and against state education

I’ve mostly focused on the immense corrupting of public/State higher education, and not simply because this is what I’m most familiar with. I’ve often thought “everyone knows” for-profit schools are frauds, and so I’ve put little time into “exposing” a fraud everyone already knows about, in favor of exposing the fraud that is much of […] … learn more→