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Falling gasoline use means United States can just say no to new pipelines and food-to-fuel

Freeing America from its dependence on oil from unstable parts of the world is an admirable goal, but many of the proposed solutions—including the push for more home-grown biofuels and for the construction of the new Keystone XL pipeline to transport Canadian tar sands oil to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast—are harmful and simply […] … learn more→

Gasoline worse than diesel when it comes to some types of air pollution

The exhaust fumes from gasoline vehicles contribute more to the production of a specific type of air pollution — secondary organic aerosols — than those from diesel vehicles, according to a new study by scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, or CIRES, NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory […] … learn more→

Gasoline producing material studied in detail for 1st time

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) is a major conversion process in oil refineries that facilitates the conversion of crude oil to gasoline and diesel. The ever increasing demand for transportation fuels drives extensive research aimed at creating more efficient catalytic solids with increased activity. Until now, research was limited to activity measurements, model studies and analyses […] … learn more→