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On the road to clean energy in Germany: Lessons for the United States – Part 3

The third stop on our renewable energy tour of Germany was the state of North-Rhine Westphalia— the industrial, steelmaking, and coal mining center of the country—where we learned about the economic and social ramifications of Germany’s transition away from coal to renewable energy, and what lessons might be applied to the U.S. Phasing out coal […] … learn more→

After the Greek rescue package: will Portugal be the next to fall?

Greece is rescued, for now…maybe. Perhaps it’s time to move on to the next basket case. So, which of the PIIGS is the next Greece? For the moment, Portugal looks to be the front-runner. The country’s public-debt-to-GDP ratio is above 100%, and with a forecasted growth rate of -3.3%, its economy is shrinking at a […] … learn more→

Kaiser, Reich and the making of modern Germany

Europe is in crisis and its future is said to depend on Germany. The most comprehensive study of Germany\’s early modern history ever undertaken questions just how much we know about its past – and how much we understand it as a result. … learn more→