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Sugar and spice and… math under-achievement?

Mathematics has a girl problem. Although girls achieve at equal levels to boys in middle and high school, many girls stop taking math as soon as they can. Girls are also much less likely than boys to enter math-intensive college majors and, later, careers. Gender researchers have shown that the root of this girl problem […] … learn more→

Girls feel more anger, sadness than boys when friends offend

Duke University researchers have found that pre-teen girls may not be any better at friendships than boys, despite previous research suggesting otherwise. The findings suggest that when more serious violations of a friendship occur, girls struggle just as much and, in some ways, even more than boys. The girls in this study were just as […] … learn more→

Is estrogen going to your head?

Girls are growing up faster than ever — and not only when it comes to their taste in fashion and music. Their bodies are reaching puberty at an increasingly earlier age, and this trend to rapid maturity continues through women\’s adult lives. That\’s bad news, according to Tel Aviv University researchers. Women today are more […] … learn more→