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Global health: Students build wiki of medical devices designed for low-income countries

In parts of the world without reliable electricity, a pedal-powered nebulizer could provide life-saving asthma treatments. Small wax-filled sleeping bags could keep premature infants warm. A salad spinner centrifuge for blood samples could help clinicians diagnose anemia. University of Michigan researchers have cataloged more than 100 such technologies in a new wiki of medical devices […] … learn more→

Truth to power: reforming the World Health Organization

The World Health Organisation has a vital role to play in global health but 65 years after it came into being, it’s plagued by ossified structures that prevent it from exercising the flexibility it needs to become an efficient and effective organisation. The United Nations created the World Health Organization (WHO) on April 7th, 1948 […] … learn more→

Master of Culture, Health & Medicine

The Master of Culture, Health and Medicine (MCHAM) is an interdisciplinary initiative between the College of Arts and Social Sciences and the College of Medicine, Biology, and Environment, focusing on Medical Anthropology and Health Sciences. … learn more→