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OK Glass!

As the world’s leading (and only) expert on OK, I have regularly been asked: What’s the future of OK? Will it continue to hold the title of America’s and the world’s greatest word? My answer is, in the words of Timbuk 3: For OK, the future’s so bright, it’s gotta wear shades. Or at least, […] … learn more→

Google Glass and the remembering self

I remember in 3rd grade, Mrs. Goldman teaching us a trick for multiplying factors of 9. Splay the fingers of both hands in front of you and from left to right count out the number you’re multiplying by 9 and fold that finger under. Everything to the left of the folded finger is the tens, […] … learn more→

A few Google glass education fantasies

No, Google has not sent me Glass to review as an educational tool. The closest I\’ve been able to get to Google Glass is on Google\’s Glass website. Here you can see \”How It Feels\”, \”What It Does\”, and \”How To Get One\”. Will a wearable browser / heads up display / audio & video […] … learn more→