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Governing universities: tertiary experience no longer required

Governing universities: tertiary experience no longer required

Australian universities are in dire straits. The sudden loss of international student fees due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent court rulings of wage theft by some of our top universities have exposed the depth of these problems. The workforce is highly casualised. There is a sharp divide between senior management and academic and professional staff. On top of decades […] … learn more→

The real work of ‘saving’ 2 Colleges has yet to be done

What does a small, private women’s liberal-arts college in rural Virginia have in common with a highly selective, private engineering, art, and architecture school in New York City? The answer is that the attorneys general of each state recently intervened to completely restructure the governance of both institutions — in the face of severe financial […] … learn more→

Administrators, authority, and accountability

The battle over who should lead colleges and universities has been raging since the inception of higher education. It is most often, and stereotypically, cast as a fight between administrators and faculty members. Supposedly both interested in what students need, those parties are alternately said to be effective governors of higher education and major impediments […] … learn more→