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The WIIFM factor and green marketing

As a good follow-up to last month\’s column on marketing green products to nongreen audience, let\’s take things a notch higher. As you read this, I\’m off to Houston, Texas, USA, to give a speech at a green buildings conference called \”Making Green Sexy.\” The interesting thing about that idea is that \”sexy\” is in […] … learn more→

How to choose the right eco-label for your brand

Eco-labels are an excellent way to enhance credibility for green marketing claims, but they are not without risk. While 28% of consumers look to green certification seals or labels to confirm that a product adheres to claims, these labels can also confuse. Happily there‚Äôs enough method within the madness for marketers to pave a way […] … learn more→

SEO is Greener

Marketing can be one of the most expensive aspects of running a business, not only in terms of money spent, but also because traditional advertising methods can have a cost that\’s much higher than your marketing budget. Long before the days of email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), marketing was almost solely dependent upon […] … learn more→