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Why I don’t drop the ‘H-bomb’

I’ve lived in Boston for five years—two of them spent at Harvard—thankfully unaware that the term “H-bomb” existed. I now know better, thanks to a recent Slate piece, which also taught me that NOT mentioning my place of work is worthy of criticism. Yes, Ivy League grads sometimes try to hide where they got their […] … learn more→

New initiative for better teaching

Harvard’s ambitious new initiative to spark innovative teaching and learning kicked off with a daylong conference that drew together authorities and scholars from the University and beyond to debate, discuss, and share ideas in the field. The inaugural conference was part of the Harvard Initiative for Learning & Teaching (HILT), a University-wide presidential initiative launched […] … learn more→

Who is the racist?

When I first read this story in the Boston Globe I really felt affronted that a faculty within Harvard University would band together to have a fellow faculty member ‘removed’ from a teaching profession. It appears that an article by Subramanian Swamy in the Daily News in India had upset Harvard fellow staff and they […] … learn more→