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The new ‘austerity imperative’ for Universities

Coming soon: The next outrage in your university health-care plan. And it’s all part of “business as usual.” Here at Pennsylvania State University, the new bad news is steep hikes in health-coverage rates for graduate students, combined with cuts in benefits. The real “usual” is saving money at the expense of those who can least […] … learn more→

The successful health care job search

Healthcare continues to be a growing career choice, with a 29 percent increase in demand through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Supporting roles are growing as well, as the need for medical assistants increases. Whether you\’re a pre-med student looking for experience or a new grad of a medical technologist program, […] … learn more→

Demographics loom large in State failure

After a half-century of forming new states from former colonies and from the breakup of the Soviet Union, the international community is today faced with the opposite situation: the disintegration of states. Failing states are now a prominent feature of the international political landscape. The most systematic ongoing effort to analyze countries’ vulnerability to failure […] … learn more→