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Do human rights increase inequality?

Do human rights increase inequality?

Imagine that one man owned everything. Call him Croesus, after the king of ancient lore who, Herodotus says, was so “wonderfully rich” that he “thought himself the happiest of mortals.” Impossibly elevated above his fellow men and women, this modern Croesus is also magnanimous. He does not want people to starve, and not only because […] … learn more→

How Quentin Tarantino unchained Django (and historical facts)

This year, America will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, a presidential decree that effectively abolished slavery in all states in rebellion during the Civil War. The anniversary will be marked with a series of conferences, speeches, and publications in the academic world. However, the significance of this event has been somewhat […] … learn more→

Celebrating Human Rights Day in Timor-Leste

As the world celebrates Human Rights Day on 10 December, it is a good time to pause to reflect on the status of human rights in Timor-Leste. 13 years after the end of Indonesian rule and after ten years of independence, the question arises as to whether Timor-Leste’s aspirations to respecting notions of human rights, […] … learn more→

Title IX and babies: The new frontier?

Did you know that Title IX specifically includes important protections for pregnant women and mothers? You probably didn\’t, and neither do most pregnant graduate students and postdocs, or their teachers, principal investigators, department chairs, and deans. Most people think of Title IX, which prohibits gender discrimination in any education program receiving federal money, as focusing […] … learn more→

University or business? Yale’s Singapore partnership violates human rights

Yale university’s decision to set up a liberal arts college at the National University of Singapore (NUS) while accepting Singapore’s restrictions on students’ rights to free speech and freedom of association is outrageous. Human rights organisations are rightly concerned. One group said in a statement that Yale is “betraying the spirit of the university as […] … learn more→

Q&A: Stanford’s Cuéllar and US diplomat on human rights and the Internet

As the Internet evolves, people around the world have faster, easier ways to connect. Innovative plans and economic opportunities are being hatched online, but so are ideas that challenge governments. Voices of dissent are amplified by social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, leaving some countries confused about how to balance free expression rights […] … learn more→