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India sees gains from gender quota

The use of gender quotas to achieve equal opportunity is a controversial political strategy, but one that seems to be achieving positive results in India. A new research paper co-authored by Harvard Kennedy School Professor Rohini Pande finds that the system designating female leaders for selected village councils in India has resulted in substantive gains […] … learn more→

How to chill when times get stressed: India style

India is an extraordinary country where you get to meet all sorts of unusual people. On a recent visit we had tea with Mary and Don, a fascinating couple, who were born-again Christians from Texas. For over twenty-five years they had been running a clinic for disabled and handicapped children, caring for the poorest of […] … learn more→

‘Open Doors 2011’: World roundup

The Institute of International Education (IIE) OpenDoorsin New York released its annual ‘Open Doors’ report on student mobility to and from the US this week. It is funded by the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The inward mobility data are for the academic year 2010-11 and study-abroad data are for 2009-10. The […] … learn more→

Partnerships, higher ed are key in responding to Asian growth

Nations such as China and India are surging ahead, but the West should be careful not to overestimate, misinterpret the changes or “become paralyzed by fear of our own decline,” the British ambassador to the U.S. told a UW international studies class on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Sir Nigel Sheinwald said the response to Asia should […] … learn more→

Life in NQ is good for Gowtham

Coming from an area of India that is home to 1,053 people per square kilometre, James Cook University Masters student Gowtham Premchand has had no trouble settling into the suburbs of North Queensland. Mr Gowtham recently received a six-month scholarship to study at JCU Townsville as part of a “twinning” arrangement JCU has with the […] … learn more→