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Why do international students choose to study in Australia?

Why do international students choose to study in Australia?

University education for international students is touted as one of “Australia’s most successful exports”. International education was worth A$36.4 billion to the Australian economy in 2022–23. Many of Australia’s universities also rely on international student fees to fund their research. But despite this success, COVID border closures showed Australia cannot take international student revenue for granted. Australia also faces ongoing […] … learn more→

US losing its dominance in global higher education market

Students have come back to college. But not all to the United States. The idea that a student would study in another country is not a new concept. The media frequently reports on the number of international students studying in the United States. And that is exactly how we tend to think about it – […] … learn more→

Ten sure ways countries can turn away international students

The pursuit of global mobility in a world divided up into nations invokes a fundamental dilemma. Free passage without harassment is a right we routinely expect to exercise whenever we travel abroad. Yet the right of people within a country to determine who enters their nation is enshrined in law. This unresolvable tension between sovereignty […] … learn more→

Looking ahead: 4 International trends for 2014

It’s a new year, and we’re dusting off the crystal ball to make new prognostications about the future of global higher education. But first, let’s evaluate the predictions we made last year to find out what we got right (and wrong) in 2013. We correctly predicted that there would be greater pushback against foreign branch […] … learn more→

London campuses help universities go global

To cash in on global demand for British higher education, universities have been busy setting up international branch campuses to transplant the UK student experience (or aspects of it) to the Gulf or to China. But this massive demand from foreign students has led to an interesting development: many universities from elsewhere in the UK […] … learn more→

From Dublin to Istanbul, EAIE opens doors. Walk on through!

EAIE is something special in European higher education. This vowel-laden acronym (long referred to playfully by EAIE regulars as the “Ay, yay, yay”—pronounced as a Spanish speaker might groan with a headache) stands for the European Association for International Education. Through committed leadership, and a bit of serendipity, this is an organization that seems to […] … learn more→

International student choices changing

Not only are more students than ever before travelling abroad to realise their higher education ambitions, they are also increasingly gravitating away from traditional educational hotspots in order to do so – and this trend looks set to continue, with competition for international students growing worldwide. Over the course of a decade, the number of […] … learn more→

Canada: Partner of choice in international education

The Canadian university community AUCChas a long history of internationalisation through activities such as student mobility, research collaboration and international development cooperation. An international dimension to the student experience is becoming increasingly vital in order to provide graduates with the necessary skills for living and working in a global economy. Employers place a high value […] … learn more→