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New insights into how to correct false knowledge

The abundance of false information available on the Internet, in movies and on TV has created a big challenge for educators. Students sometimes arrive in classrooms filled with inaccurate knowledge they are confident is correct, indicating it is deeply entrenched in their memory. According to Duke University researchers, educators might be able to help students […] … learn more→

Is computer coding going to be the next required “literacy?”

It’s very clear that the computer and the Internet are revolutionizing almost everything that we do. From shopping to entertainment, newsgathering and dissemination, and on to education, almost all of the services and things we used to be able to do only in “real life” we now are able to do virtually. There is a […] … learn more→

There is a real climategate out there

Emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit have once again been hacked and released on the internet. The timing is similar to the “climategate” scandal of 2009, with emails published just before an important UN climate conference. Does this mean the science is in doubt? Quite the opposite, says Stephan Lewandowsky. An […] … learn more→