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Crocodiles rock the treadmill for research

Crocodiles have been put through their paces on a treadmill as part of a James Cook University research project to help determine which muscles they use to breathe. Led by the Townsville-based Dr Suzy Munns, the research was conducted on five young estuarine crocodiles to test the role of the diaphragmaticus muscle, also known as […] … learn more→

Big trees face ‘dire future’

Already on the decline worldwide, big trees face a dire future according to James Cook University’s Distinguished Professor William Laurance. Writing in New Scientist magazine, Professor Laurance said that the world’s \”biggest and most magnificent\” trees face a range of threats. Reviewing research from forests around the world, he said that there was evidence of […] … learn more→

Coastal communities have Lisa on their side

James Cook University student Lisa Stevenson’s list of impressive academic achievements has grown after recently being selected as Australia’s only representative at the Asia-Pacific Youth Science Exchange Forum in Japan. In 2008, Lisa and her sisters Kate and Amy, who are triplets, made national news headlines by all being named Dux of their school, Wavell […] … learn more→

Life in NQ is good for Gowtham

Coming from an area of India that is home to 1,053 people per square kilometre, James Cook University Masters student Gowtham Premchand has had no trouble settling into the suburbs of North Queensland. Mr Gowtham recently received a six-month scholarship to study at JCU Townsville as part of a “twinning” arrangement JCU has with the […] … learn more→