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The myth of Ivy advantage

Some months back I wrote a column in The Chronicle of Higher Education called \”Graduate School is a Means to a Job.\” The column began with issues a prospective graduate student should consider before entering graduate school at all. I wrote: \”Go to the highest-ranked graduate department you can get into — so long as […] … learn more→

How to protect your resume from identity theft

“Job candidates are willing in this market to give any information they can that would help them get a job,” said Ellen B. Vance, an HR consultant and auditor who advises companies on how to safeguard applicant and employee information. The instinct is natural, but it can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Lax security […] … learn more→

How to ensure your references are gender-neutral

Do job references describe men and women in different terms? In subtle ways executives routinely use different terms to refer to men and women in recommendations, negatively affecting job candidates they are effectively trying to praise, according to a new study. Executives, men and women alike, routinely praise women using terms “helpful,” “kind,” “sympathetic,” “nurturing” […] … learn more→