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7 personal branding trends for job search in 2012

I’ve been in the business of helping people build their brands for a decade and each year, I publish my personal branding trends for job seekers. Take a look at this year’s trends and decide which will help give you an edge and attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. 1. Headshots everywhere Do […] … learn more→

Adapting your elevator pitch to the occasion

In the job search, the \”make or break\” moment for candidates often comes down to just a couple sentences: the elevator pitch. This is a quick statement about who you are and why you should be hired. Theoretically, it should be so brief that you can sell yourself while sharing an elevator with a hiring […] … learn more→

New rules for branding on the job search

Advice about developing a personal brand is widely accepted because it is effective. But, in today’s economy, there are new rules for personal branding, especially on the job search. Traditionally, your personal brand is the absolute best of yourself. It is purposefully unique and encompasses the kind of problems you solve, the way that you […] … learn more→

An introvert\’s guide to resume self-promotion

Consider the meek: They may in fact be set to inherit the earth, but it’s not easy for them to portray that birthright in their resumes. Toward that noble end, Susan Cucuzza, an Executive Coach with Live Forward LLC, sits humble introverts down, one on one, and asks them to think about their career accomplishments. […] … learn more→