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What happens to the young and educated without a job?

A new study led by the University of Oxford is looking at how young educated people who are unemployed become politicised in different ways – either through violent struggle or as reformers working for a more equal society. The project is one of the first to compare in depth the experiences across different countries of […] … learn more→

How to protect your resume from identity theft

“Job candidates are willing in this market to give any information they can that would help them get a job,” said Ellen B. Vance, an HR consultant and auditor who advises companies on how to safeguard applicant and employee information. The instinct is natural, but it can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Lax security […] … learn more→

Getting your cover letter noticed

If you’ve looked for a job in the past few years, you’re likely aware that employers are finding new ways to use resumes as screening tools. Web sites devote thousands of pages to discussing the best practices of resume writing. Meanwhile, a cottage industry has grown up around certified professional resume writers (CPRWs) who study […] … learn more→