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Exciting times in Higher Ed hiring

In January, Joan Axelrod-Contrada wrote an article for the Boston Globe in which she profiled a number of professionals who have moved from the private sector into higher education. Beyond providing such personalized illustrations of what is involved in such a change in career direction, the article explains why many skills are not only transferable […] … learn more→

Foster the people

Rebuilding American manufacturing is possible — but will require new ideas about turning lab breakthroughs into new products and a refurbished, highly skilled workforce, a group of scholars, industry leaders and government officials emphasized at a MIT conference. “The U.S. continues to be very innovative, but somehow downstream there seems to be a break,” said […] … learn more→

Volunteering worldwide – Life after College

Finding a position volunteering should not prove to be too difficult, especially when you consider that you\’re working for free. What organization doesn\’t want volunteers? Despite that, there are some hoops to jump through. Many organizations, like the Peace Corps, have stringent application processes, with waiting periods and lots of forms to fill out. Some […] … learn more→