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Good news: There will be fewer lawyers

The student loan scam hasn’t merely inflated the cost of higher education to the point that many people can’t afford to get a degree without going into debt, it’s also warped the part of the educational system that provides professional degrees. Years ago, law school wasn’t just expensive, it was also not easy to get […] … learn more→

The case for undergraduate Law degrees

The legal profession is in flux, and law schools are struggling to respond as globalization, low-cost online legal products, and outsourcing of legal services to nonlawyers are reshaping the profession. These changes are reflected in the type of employment law graduates can find—with fewer securing jobs for which a law license is required—­as well as […] … learn more→

The true spirit of Law-school reform

Although a storm of criticism surrounds contemporary legal education, a key group in developing accreditation standards recently responded with welcome caution. The Standards Review Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar voted on February 7 to recommend only three relatively modest changes to ABA standards. The committee […] … learn more→

Pop goes the law

The Law School Admission Council recently reported that applications were heading toward a 30-year low, reflecting, as a New York Times article put it, \”increased concern over soaring tuition, crushing student debt, and diminishing prospects of lucrative employment upon graduation.\” Since 2004 the number of law-school applicants has dropped from almost 100,000 to 54,000. Good […] … learn more→