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Saving the soil after devastating forest fires

Saving the soil after devastating forest fires

Wildfires cause tragic losses to life, property, and the environment. But even after the fire rages, the damage is far from done. Without vegetation, bare, burnt soil lies vulnerable to erosion, which can impede efforts towards natural forest regeneration. Now Assaf Inbar, a graduate student at Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies, together […] … learn more→

The Bronze Age ā€“ now in 3D

One of the most important later Bronze Age sites ever discovered in Britain is being excavated near Peterborough, providing a richly detailed, ā€œ3Dā€ view of life around the year 1,000 BC. The world will get its first glimpse of one of the most significant later Bronze Age sites ever recorded in Britain today, yielding a […] … learn more→

Why Academia needs Ecovillages p.6: Theoretical v applied

Of course we need to train (and sometimes even hire!) Ph.D.s. But also, and perhaps more importantly, we need to train community builders – applied scientists – with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to create sustainable models of living and working together in peaceful and productive ways. … learn more→