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6 ways to save money while running a manufacturing company

6 ways to save money while running a manufacturing company

A manufacturing business is often expensive to run. With specialized equipment to purchase, employees to pay, a plethora of materials needed, and so on, owners of these companies spend millions to keep their companies afloat. Saving money should be a priority for all business owners in this field. With six ways to do so, everyone […] … learn more→

Exploding the myths of manufacturing

The manufacturing sector, its advocates note, is burdened by negative stereotypes. Outsiders often mistakenly think that manufacturing consists of jobs that are “dumb, dirty and dull,” as MIT President Susan Hockfield said at a conference on the subject recently. Many people also view manufacturing as being in a state of continual decline, a perspective Hockfield […] … learn more→

For businesses, going green brings in greenbacks

Nearly a third of companies now say that the adoption of sustainable practices has added to their profitability, according to a new MIT study — and manufacturing firms are in the vanguard. Two-thirds of more than 2,800 companies surveyed by MIT Sloan Management Review say they have made sustainability a permanent agenda topic within their […] … learn more→

Foster the people

Rebuilding American manufacturing is possible — but will require new ideas about turning lab breakthroughs into new products and a refurbished, highly skilled workforce, a group of scholars, industry leaders and government officials emphasized at a MIT conference. “The U.S. continues to be very innovative, but somehow downstream there seems to be a break,” said […] … learn more→

A role for universities in halting the death of manufacturing

Over the last few weeks, the cost of upheaval in the manufacturing sector has become ever more visible. BlueScope Steel is to shed 1,000 employees while OneSteel has announced the loss of 400 manufacturing jobs. Losses such as these are inevitable and will continue as the Australian manufacturing sector adjusts to a changing economic landscape. […] … learn more→