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Addicts’ cravings have different roots in men and women

When it comes to addiction, gender matters. A new brain imaging study by Yale School of Medicine researchers suggests stress robustly activates areas of the brain associated with craving in cocaine-dependent women, while drug cues activate similar brain regions in cocaine-dependent men. The study, expected to be published online Jan. 31 in the American Journal […] … learn more→

Women report feeling pain more intensely than men, says study of electronic records

Women report more-intense pain than men in virtually every disease category, according to Stanford University School of Medicine investigators who mined a huge collection of electronic medical records to establish the broad gender difference to a high level of statistical significance. Their study, published online Jan. 23 in the Journal of Pain, suggests that stronger […] … learn more→

Beer belly is biggest body issue for men

New research shows that men have serious issues and that talking about your body is no longer confined to women. A major national study examining British men\’s attitudes to their appearance reveals that over four in five (80.7%) men regularly engage in conversation about one another\’s body and that most are unhappy with their muscularity. […] … learn more→

How to ensure your references are gender-neutral

Do job references describe men and women in different terms? In subtle ways executives routinely use different terms to refer to men and women in recommendations, negatively affecting job candidates they are effectively trying to praise, according to a new study. Executives, men and women alike, routinely praise women using terms “helpful,” “kind,” “sympathetic,” “nurturing” […] … learn more→