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Bird ranges shift northward, but not as fast as climate

As warmer winter temperatures become more common, one way for some animals to adjust is to shift their ranges northward. But a new study of 59 North American bird species indicates that doing so is not easy or quick — it took about 35 years for many birds to move far enough north for winter […] … learn more→

Wringing more energy out of everyday motions

Randomness and chaos in nature, as it turns out, can be a good thing – especially if you are trying to harvest energy from the movements of everyday activities like walking. Duke University engineers believe they have come up with the theoretical underpinning that could lead to the development of energy harvesting devices that are […] … learn more→

Coolest College classes for nature lovers

Adventurers and nature enthusiasts sometimes avoid college. Let\’s face it – the hallowed halls of higher education don\’t exactly seem conducive to a life lived outdoors. However, gone are the days of stuffy, run-of-the mill classes and boring majors. Especially with the invention of online degrees. College shouldn\’t compromise your relationship with nature, and it […] … learn more→

Enthusiasm for the environment

Most kids love to be outdoors. A two-year-old jumping onto a pile of leaves in the park is probably not aware of it, but nature is one huge outdoor learning classroom. Children enjoy touching, wondering and caring for leaves, shells, seeds, flowers, and insects. And with this enjoyment, comes heaps of unstructured learning. Nature awakens […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Nightjohn” by Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen has written over 200 books in his career. Most of those novels are junior-high-level stories that center on the wilderness and the importance of nature, and use common “coming of age” themes where a character in isolation must use the art of survival as a rite of passage to maturity. But complaints from […] … learn more→