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Size matters: large Marine Protected Areas work for dolphins

Ecologists in New Zealand have shown for the first time that Marine Protected Areas – long advocated as a way of protecting threatened marine mammals – actually work. Their study, based on 21 years\’ monitoring and published today in the British Ecological Society\’s Journal of Applied Ecology, reveals that a marine sanctuary off the coast […] … learn more→

NZ among nations making no progress on child maltreatment

New Zealand is named in a major international study involving the University of Otago as one of six states and countries which have no clear evidence of a decrease in child maltreatment over the past two decades. Led by Professor Ruth Gilbert, University College London Institute of Child Health (ICH), the study, just published in […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Bloody Mama”

Newswires around the world were abuzz last Wednesday after government officials in New Zealand seized a copy of “Bloody Mama” from a local business; the book has been banned there since 1971. Written by Robert Thom and published in 1970 by New English Library, the novel is based on the true story of Kate \”Ma\” […] … learn more→

Student Stories: Despite quake, New Zealand impressed her

Attracted by the country\’s unique wildlife, Melanie Torres spent her spring 2011 semester studying abroad in New Zealand, where she had many amazing experiences and more than a few surprises. The senior Wildlife and Fisheries Science major in Penn State\’s College of Agricultural Sciences has loved animals since she was a little girl. \”I grew […] … learn more→