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Obesity can reshape our sense of taste

As surprising as it may sound, for some people the problem of weight gain may lie right on the tip of their tongue. There are many things that can influence a person’s desire for food. When given a choice between foods, the desire to choose one food over another is closely linked to taste and […] … learn more→

Is obesity a social contagion?

With rates of obesity in Australia only marginally behind the United States and tracking at the same pace, mathematical and social modelling on the projection of obesity rates in America is sobering reading for Australians. The most recent statistics on the weight and health of the Australian population paints the grim picture of one in […] … learn more→

Coca-Cola part of the solution to obesity? Yeah right!

Coca-Cola made headlines this week with a new television advertising campaign. It begins with a voice-over: “We’d like people to come together on something that concerns all of us – obesity”. The ad then lists all the ways Coca-Cola is playing “an important role” in preventing obesity. This Coca-Cola marketing strategy is not, as the […] … learn more→

Why we are fat

We all know why Americans are fat, right? We gobble chips and chug 16-ounce sodas and then park our butts in front of the TV. Seems pretty straightforward. But what if that’s not the whole story? Biochemist Barbara Corkey has an idea that turns this conventional wisdom on its head. What if, asks Corkey, obesity […] … learn more→

Low-income mothers risk obesity to feed children

Mothers who financially struggle to provide food for their families tend to put themselves at risk for obesity while trying to feed their children, according to Penn State sociologists. Mothers who do not have enough money to provide adequate food for their families — food-insecure — are more likely to be obese or overweight than […] … learn more→

Obesity? Diabetes? We’ve been set up

When it comes to the nation’s growing obesity and diabetes epidemics, the more we know, the more the evidence points to one conclusion: We’ve been set up. Important findings about humanity’s past, about how we live and eat today, and even about how we typically treat type 2 diabetes — with medications that themselves induce […] … learn more→

Excess fat may be \”Protective\” in seniors over 85

Obesity is considered the leading preventable cause of death worldwide — until you reach old age, that is. Though obesity increases the risk of an early death, shaving an average of six to seven years off a person\’s lifespan, Tel Aviv University researchers have found that this trend may reverse itself after the age of […] … learn more→

The Medical Minute: Don\’t overdo it, you weekend warrior

There are many benefits to exercise. Exercise not only helps prevent a variety of medical disorders — including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis — but it is increasingly recommended for treatment of health problems. Exercise improves and maintains muscle mass, endurance and mobility and can improve appearance and self confidence. The American […] … learn more→