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The one good thing about online, which beats even face-to-face

Unfortunately, online education, or its include-all moniker “online,” tends to be lined up against face-to-face or classroom instruction, as if the two were gunfighters. Even if in the minds of some one of the parties walks away the victor, that party has more than the usual shoulder or arm wound than that of the winner […] … learn more→

Online education must end

\”Our nearly 60 fully online doctoral programs include Marketing, Leadership, Reading and Literacy, ” –Yes, that is from an accredited school. Online education is major part of higher education today. It has been a huge source of money for institutions, especially private for-profit institutions that care nothing for education (i.e., slightly less than public institutions), […] … learn more→

True benefits of an online education

You can see a steady rise in online learning since past few years. As per the latest 2013 report published by Babson Survey Research Group, around 6.7 million students in 2011 were enrolled in degree programs in comparison to 1.6 million students in 2002. In fact, the idea of online education seems to have become […] … learn more→

Disruptive innovation — in education

It’s midnight, and Anant Agarwal is still at his computer. He’s not, however, tying up administrative loose ends before stepping down as director of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Neither is he exchanging ideas with his collaborators on the major microchip-design project he’s leading, nor debating strategy with any of the other […] … learn more→

Learning from a distance

The Department of Education’s recently released report on the condition of higher education in America revealed some interesting trends in education. They have even included a special section on the importance of distance learning, drawing data from the most recent years available, 2007-8. With new developments in technology making distance learning possible and feasible for […] … learn more→